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5 People Killed Persecuted by Hoax Child Abduction in India

Mumbai (India) -A total of five people reportedly lost their lives after being tortured by a group of citizens on suspicion of kidnapping children on Sunday (01/7/2018).

In fact, as police prepared to evacuate the wounded bodies, villagers demanded the police remove the bodies from the car just to make sure the victims were dead.

What makes sad, brutal behavior is driven by kid kidnapping hoaks circulating through the WhatsApp chat app. Twenty-three people in their 20s were reported to have been arrested.

Starting from the presence of 7 immigrants

Previously, seven men from Solapur City arrived in Rainpada Village, Dhule, Maharasthra via state transportation bus. They then went to a house with the intention of asking for food. When one of them talked to a child, that’s when the incident started.

Two of the seven immigrant men were reported to have escaped. While the other five people end up nahas at the hands of villagers. The victim is known to be attacked by people with stones and does not stop until they are lying on bloody soil.

“We also identified several defendants in this case, five teams have been set up to identify the defendant,” senior police officer M Ramkumar told New Delhi Television (02/7/2018).

Due to rumors via Whatsapp

The massive brutal action in Maharashtra was later found to follow the same pattern of rumors via Whatsapp that ended tragically in many states.

Among them on that Monday also, a family of five people was attacked by mobs because of the kidnapping rumors that circulated via Whatsapp. Lucky the police can save them.

While in Assam Guwahati, a woman with special needs is reported to have been tied to a pole and tortured by the masses. Then, a food vendor from Uttar Pradesh was beaten to death by a mob in Tripura on Thursday, last week. They were both persecuted for the same suspicion.

Policemen are working hard to stop rumors

Separately, the BBC added, kidnapping rumors are known to have been circulating via Whatsapp in some districts of Maharashtra. Related to that, local police even distributed pamphlets to educate the public about the rumors.

“When rumors began to circulate in social media, it took some time to stop them completely,” senior Assam police official Mukesh Agarwal told the BBC.

He added that police continue to pay attention to the development of various social media sites in their efforts to stop the spread of false news.

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