5 Steps So You Stay Comfortable So Yourself That It Is

In today’s age, many lifestyle trends are emerging. From fashion trends, food, gadgets, even ways of thinking. Which does not follow these trends, can be considered a coupe or dijauhin. But as best as a trend, better if we can select it. Positive for people, not necessarily positive for you. The negative for friends, can be positive for you. So, how can we be ourselves and not fake? Take the following five steps!

Read every time you wake up. Praise yourself and remember your good deeds

This isn’t narcissistic, huh! But believe if you look mirror in front of the mirror will give positive energy. Start with a smile. You are not only entitled to enjoy the smiles of others, you know! You also deserve to enjoy your smile for yourself. Then praise yourself. You are beautiful, you are handsome, etc. Continue to remember your kindness to parents, friends, family, and others.

Often forgive yourself after making a mistake. It’s okay if you’re not perfect

Any human has ever done wrong. What makes it different is whether he wants to be responsible, willing to take lessons, and forgive himself. The last point is the thing that is often forgotten. Even though self-forgiveness is a remedy for liver trauma. By forgiving yourself, you can rise up and find a solution if you have to repeat the same job.

Dare to argue without taking part in the talk. This means you can be honest with yourself

If you have a good idea or a positive idea, why not try to get expelled? Don’t be afraid of your idea being rejected. Don’t be afraid your opinion is different than having someone else. After all, you and your friends have not tried. If the results are positive, you and the people around are proud right?

Repeat small but positive habits every day. Can make you yourself or others

Small habits in question, can vary each person. Depending on the abilities and needs of each. Call it praying so rose from sleep, help parents nurture relatives, to cross the grandmothers in the zebra cross. Simple but can make you feel valuable. Most importantly, you are grateful for being given life up to this moment.

Hangout with people who are supportive with us. Sure, your spirit will always glow!

Choosing the wrong neighborhood can be bad for self-development. You should be supported to do things that match your talents and interests. What happens, you do things that do not fit your conscience. Your talents become increasingly hidden and difficult to sharpen. Different from a supportive environment. Whatever works best for you, is definitely supported. Support like this is what increases life expectancy.

So successful people don’t have to be fake and act imitating others, how come! Come, make the five steps so yourself above as a habit.

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