5 Things You Should Not Do When Holiday to Paris, Not Fun!

The capital of France, Paris, is not only known as the fashion center of the world. The establishment of the Eiffel Tower became a favorite tourist destination of the world. Various places in the City of Paris offer a vacation experience will make anyone so lazy to go home. Starting from a historical tour at the Musée du Louvre or just spending the afternoon at Pont des Arts.

If you are planning a vacation to Paris, you should find out first what activities are suitable to be done there. If pengin your holiday more fun, you should avoid these five things, yes.

Shop at the Champs-Elysées

Champs-Elysées is the most beautiful streets in the world that became one of the popular destinations in Paris. Therefore, the rental price at that location increases every year. No wonder that various souvenirs in the place are sold at a price that is quite expensive. If you come here, must prepare a sizeable budget and must be patient in the middle of the number of tourists who are quite solid.

Take a taxi around town

In Indonesia, taxis are easy to get, either by phone or by roadside. Another case with Paris. In this city taxis are quite hard to come by and can not be marked on the road.

Spend time at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is indeed a landmark of Paris is a very must visit. However, this iron tower is visited by hundreds of thousands of people who line up to climb to the top using the elevator. Imagine how long does it take to line up? So do not just focus on the Eiffel Tower, or you’ll lose time to visit other interesting destinations.

Stay at budget hotel

With tilted rates, hotel budget becomes a solution for backpackers. However, try the occasional stay at a rather expensive hotel in central Paris. Rather than wastage, it’s just a budget hotel in Paris generally located far from the city center. Surely you do not want to lose the moment a la Parisien in the middle of town right?

Tasting croissants

In addition to the world fashion center, Paris is also the inspiration of the world’s pastry. Therefore, it is mandatory to taste a variety of typical French dessert in this city. However, do not just taste the already popular croissants, taste also other desserts such as macaroon, eclair, savarin, and so forth.

How, already imagine what to do and wherever during Paris?

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