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60% of Jakarta Residents Will Use Public Transport by 2029

JAKARTA – In 2029, 60% of people in Jakarta will use public transportation because they have built a new mass transportation mode.

The figure is a target set by the government. “Currently it is still around 30%,” said Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/2/2018) after opening a discussion titled “Accelerating Infrastructure Projects”.

According to Budi, in addition to the construction of new mass transportation modes, such as LRT and MRT targeted integrated with other modes, such as buses, electric train (KRL) and airport train, will also be built transport-based or transit oriented developtment (TOD) in a number of LRT and MRT nodes.

He mentioned for MRT will be made TOD at 10 points, such as Hamlet Above, Ratu Plaza, Attorney General and others, then also will be made in Ciputat, Tanah Abang and others.

The TOD is principally the knot of a certain mode of activity with another mode. “Try to go to Tokyo, easy ride train, because fast, cheap and environmentally friendly,” he said.

Budi explained that his side will try to make TOD more solid. That is, from one center of activity, whether the office or settlement to the transportation center is not so far away. “So from one place to another, just walk,” he said.

For that, according to him, it takes seriousness both from government and private to build TOD because the benefits are very large, especially reducing road congestion.

“The MRT, this LRT lasts hundreds of years, if we are wrong, it will leave a bad thing, for the stakeholders to sit together, to make Jakarta better, besides growing the commercial point for the functions to take place well, “he said.

He added that not only Jakarta but other areas are also encouraged to develop good transportation modes and utilize strategic nodes.

“I ask the local government to be aware of the development and take steps, provide land, synergize transportation modes and establish institutions with good governance,” he said.

Source: ANTARA

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