7 Fatal Mistakes Managers Make Employees Resign

Many stated that the main determinant of a job considered comfortable is the manager. Bad managers become the number one cause of most employees resign. Quoted from the writings of Brigette Hyacinth on LinkedIn, here are seven fatal mistakes managers who make employees resign!

Managers are too inflexible and always complicate things

Managers like this can make the task of being as tall as a mountain, which was originally just a small hill, when an employee wanted a day off or wanted to rest early because it worked faster. Employees should feel comfortable approaching their managers all the time. But if the manager is not flexible, this will build a wall between himself and his employees.

Show real favoritism in the same work team

Maybe we’re used to office politics and favoritism. It’s sad when employees can guess who’s being promoted to the previous job because everyone can see who’s closest to the manager. Always select the employee’s love to be promoted and given the special task it can destroy the team morale.

Very fast in blaming and punishing to employees

A bad boss likes to assume the worst. They like to throw employees to face the insult, not to stand upright protecting his team. Yet they just need to do the opposite. If you expect employee loyalty, you must show that loyalty.

Managers do not show that they care

A bad boss will treat his employees as if he could be replaced very easily. So that more and more employees want to work on the company, whose managers treat them as human beings. Starting from the rest break, home hours, shift schedules, workload and other factors. Employees also still need to have time off, entertainment time and time with family.

The manager does not recognize the achievements

What is more painful than being rejected or grounded? Yes, not considered or ignored. You could say that one of the causes of many employees resign is when they have bothered to do much more work than it should, but not ignored. Imagine if you struggle with something, get it, keep it crushed.

Micromanaging (taking care of too little things) about employees

Sometimes monitoring is okay, but taking care to regulate the smallest things instead of helping to put pressure on employees. Freedom of employment also needs to be obtained by employees, so they feel as a useful human being who is fully appreciated. If even the smallest thing is arranged, then even their thinking is not appreciated, like a child who can not yet anything.

Managers are not interested in employee development

Worse still if they only care about their duties and responsibilities are over. Indifference to the development of employees will be felt by the employees concerned. The longer their enthusiasm and self-esteem faded, as if they were just like a moneymaking machine.

Among the examples of manager behavior above, whichever you have ever experienced from your boss. Or if you’re a manager, which mistake do you realize you’ve done it? Whichever you are, at least you know that the seven examples above can cause employees to resign you know!

What do you think?

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