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7 Food It’s More Healthier if Eaten Raw

Almost all foods must be cooked before they are eaten. Whether it is fried, stir-fry, stew, roast, until baked until cooked. But apparently, there are some foods that would be healthier if not cooked first alias raw, you know.

One of them can channel nutrients optimally when eaten raw. Like the following seven foods:


Coconut is famous for its high electrolyte content which is good for preventing dehydration. No need to cook, coconut is more healthy to eat or drink in a raw state, because the nutrients in it will work optimally.


Most of the nutrients and minerals in the apple will be lost when cooked. In addition, cooked apples will increase levels of sugar and carbohydrates are certainly more.


Vegetables rich in vitamin C and calcium contains sulforaphane that works to lower high blood pressure. Well, cooking broccoli can eliminate sulforaphanenya content up to 70 percent. That’s why broccoli would be better if eaten in a raw state.


Paprika has a very high vitamin C content. According to the National Institutes of Health in the United States, if you cook peppers with temperatures above 375 degrees Fahrenheit, the vitamin C content in them will disappear. Nutritional content such as vitamin B6 and E it will also be reduced.

Red Guava

High antioxidant content in guava is believed to boost immunity and reduce the threat of free radicals. In addition, red guava also contains vitamin C is good for the skin. All of these nutrients will be lost if cooked. So make sure you only eat it in raw state, yes!


Nuts contain iron, magnesium, and healthy fats that can help a healthy diet program. Instead, you eat these nuts in a raw state, such as almonds or cashews. No need to cook it, eat it raw it actually makes you get the maximum nutrition.


Taoge has many benefits for the body. Vegetables that are usually sauted before being eaten are much healthier if eaten raw. High protein content in sprouts is good for muscle formation.

In addition, vitamin C in it can keep the body’s immune system, so it’s not easy to get sick. Well, these nutrients will not work optimally if cooked.

Of the seven foods above, you prefer to eat raw or after processed? Share your experience in the comment field!

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