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7 Ice Cream Culinary in Bandung that Will Delightful Your Tongue

Bandung is a city that always serves good culinary. Ranging from traditional food to modern food. One of the favorite foods all around the community that should be tried in Bandung is ice cream.

Here are some places to eat in Bandung that serves ice cream with various variants and flavors that make you curious to want to taste it. Let’s peek!

Let’s Go Gelato

Let’s Go Gelato is located on Jalan Bengawan no. 29, Cihapit, Bandung Wetan, just next to Papyrus photo studio. There are many variants of gelato that can be an option. Also can choose to container also lho, want to use cup or cone. It is sweet and soft in the mouth. Yummy!

Flavor Bakery & Cafe

Rasa Bakery & Cafe located at Jalan Tamblong no. 15, Braga, Sumur Bandung presents ice cream French style you know. Actually not only ice cream is served here, there are various bread, pizza, pasta and yoghurt. But according to many people taste ice cream here really good. So have to try ya!

I Scream for Ice Cream

Well if the ice cream in I Scream For Ice Cream is one of the legendary in Bandung. All ice cream here homemade you know. Ice cream shop located at Jalan Hariang Banga No. 17, near UNISBA, presents various types such as Casata to ice puter. Let’s stop by!

Ice Cream Pesca

Pesca actually have many branches in Indonesia, one of them in Bandung. This ice cream shop is located at street No. Otto Iskandardinata. 404. Ice cream presented here is very varied as Cupcakes Ice Cream and Macaron Ice Cream with various flavor variants you know. For the flagship there is Ice Cream Cakes!

Mochilok Mochi Ice Cream

Mochilok is at Jalan Sekeloa 31, Bandung. The unique here, usually mochi filled with red beans, chocolate, greentea, strawberries and others, mochi here filled with ice cream. Imagine right fitting bite mochinya? There are many variants of ice cream flavor you know. In addition to ice cream you can also enjoy the cilok burn here.

The Rit’s Ice Cream

The Rit’s Ice Cream is on Dr. Setiabudi No. 388. This place provides a variety of ice cream menus there Basket of Joy, Apple Pie with Ice Cream, Waffle with Ice Cream, Banana Caramel, Berry Sensation, Black Beauty, Tropical Love, and other ice cream menus. Flavor ice cream also vary. There is a taste of vanilla, strawberry, mango, durian, cookies and cream, until almond coffee. Delicious!

Sweet Belly

Sweet Belly mainstay menu is a gelato that has a variety of flavor variants such as American cheese gelato cake, rainbow cheese cake, Thai tea gelato and much more.

In Sweet Belly you can also order Ice Cream Burgers ie dish of ice cream that is placed in a burger bread and added with syrup. Owe it here!

Well, curious? If you’re on a trip to Bandung, stop by!

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