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7 Small Things That Make You Attract In Others’ Eyes

Openly or not, everyone wants to be someone who interests others. Not a beautiful face or handsome, or a proportionate body, but has a quality that makes others interested in knowing us further.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are stuck on the statement, “Appearance is the first thing that makes people interested in you.” Though not entirely that is true you know. There are other small habits outside the look that look from the outside, which makes you a figure that has a plus in the eyes of others.

Give surprise to the person you care about

Have you suddenly received little surprises from the people you care about? Whether it’s food delivered to the office when you’re hungry, or a bar of chocolate suddenly perched on your motorcycle’s seat?

Surely our feelings are very happy when getting unexpected surprises from others. So why not try to do it for someone else? Surprise the person you care about, without having to tell him first, will keep you always memorable and meaningful in someone’s life.

Dare to say “no” to others

Doing something contrary to your conscience is not good. If you have to do it, there is a heart with a sense of not being sincere. Well, it’s okay if you say “no” or “disagree” to one thing. Because, when you dare to say something that is inconsistent with your conscience, others will see your real self, that you also have priorities, stances and principles that are worthy of respect.

Do good for foreigners

Holding the supermarket door when someone else in the back or in front of us will come in, give a seat on a public vehicle for the elderly or hammy mom, help the little boy across the crowded streets. These things may be simple, but will mean a lot to foreigners. Do not have to know first, to do good to others?

Have curiosity

Fun if we can chat with someone exciting. As if time stopped with interesting stories that kept flowing. But have you ever met someone who is quiet and reluctant while chatting? It’s dead deh style, because we are the only one who tried to keep the conversation alive.

Have curiosity, ask your interlocutors what they do or why they do things. Instead, make them curious about you. When you have a lot of questions about a thing, it means you pay close attention to the other person and it makes you attractive in his eyes.

Stay calm and control yourself

Seeing someone who is easily angry and fiery, certainly makes us afraid and reluctant. Especially if his anger is fueled by trivial things. However, anger is humane really. We can all be angry for certain reasons.

But think about the situation and the cause of your anger. It could be because the communication is not good so there appears friction between the two sides. Calm yourself and try to speak from heart to heart. Perhaps this is the best way to listen to the reasons someone does something (which provokes your emotions).

Someone who can control himself and not easily angered, would be ‘interesting’ other people to be close to him without fear is not it?

Start a conversation with a new person

Some people feel reluctant or embarrassed to open a conversation with a new person, whether it’s waiting for the bus to arrive or while queuing for a long time. Naturally still, because basically humans prefer to be in comfort zone with ‘skin’ respectively.

However, try to break your comfort zone once in a while and start chatting with new people you do not know before and see their reactions. Bonus, your confidence will increase!

Say “thank you”

Maybe trivial, but people today often forget to say thank you. Hey, not everyone hopes to get reciprocity in the form of material, as simple as always say thank you for small help, certainly make you will always be in the hearts of others. Say thanks with full of sincerity yes.

Everyone has their own way to look attractive in front of others. If appearance can make a person attractive in the first five seconds to meet, then other good attitudes and habits will make him attractive in the eyes of others, forever.

What do you think?

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