7 The Nature of Young Entrepreneurs You Need an Example from Now

Starting the business was tough. Not exception the successful entrepreneurs, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. You need to learn a lot and experience from below. However, do not be discouraged. Many entrepreneurs start the startup business from the bottom and eventually reap success, such as Nadiem Makarim with Gojek and Achmad Zaky with Bukalapak.

Of course, you can also achieve success like them if you have the nature and mentality of young entrepreneurs as follows.

Have the resilience, although it fails many times

Standing straight after a failure is hard. That’s why not many people can successfully achieve success at the highest peak. Create who wants to start a business, instill confidence that you are ready to face challenges and failures. Want as much as any failure you experience, you can certainly rise again.

Have a fighting spirit to change the world

To be a young entrepreneur, you must know what changes you want to make. Let’s say you start a social business to improve the welfare of orphans. The effort is very noble and of course if successful will result in a good change for the world. Make it a passion for you to keep fighting.

Think visionary or able to predict the future

So young entrepreneurs mean you have to think visionary or be able to predict what happens in the future. It’s good you make a business that is unique or never before. If you can not be different, you can be the best. For that, you need to be able to read the future, what does society need for the next 5 or 10 years? Can you make it happen? Those questions you need to ask yourself.

Dare to take risks to achieve success

Enterprises definitely require capital. The greater the effort you make, the more capital you need to prepare. Capital is not just money you know. You also need to spend a lot of energy and time in your efforts. You must be prepared to lose everything. However, you need to remember that you will have experience, regardless of whether you succeed or fail.

Be able to adapt to the situation quickly

In order to survive, you must be able to survive quickly. Suppose you start a small book printing business. However, you know that this is the digital age. If you want to grow, you can not just rely on printed books. You also need to go to digital book. The consideration is that many people start reading and looking for information digitally because it is more practical.

Have tolerance for diversity in society

You live in a society that has diversity, ranging from ethnicity, religion, race, to intergroup. For that, create a business that if not offensive differences that exist. If you can make your efforts can bring together diversity. In a sense although different, but tolerance is maintained.

Confident that you can do it

Last but most important is you have to believe that you can do it. No matter what obstacles and obstacles are facing, believe that you can get through it. For that, keep trying and do not forget to pray.

That is the nature of young entrepreneurs who need to be in you. Plant it carefully and never forget. So, ready to start your business?

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