8 Ways of Joking with Introverts to Keep Him Comfortable

It’s not easy to joke with introverts. That’s because he will only be affected with himself. If he wants to be happy, he will be happy. Not to mention sometimes he was hard to open with his feelings. You can not even be liked. Keep on how to joke with introverts. You want to be more familiar with him with a lot of kidding right? Here’s how.

Start with lots of chatting. Get to know him first

At first, you may have a hard time figuring out what could make him laugh. For that, talk to him a lot. With interaction, you will not understand directly what he likes and does not like. You can start by asking a few questions. However, do not scold it. Just slowly.

Find a joke material that does not lead directly to him

Different with extrovert, you will not immediately know whether your joke is offensive to him or not. For that, try to joke by taking a topic outside of himself. Just after you get used to it, you can try to point at it. However, you also need to be sensitive to the extent to which he can be joked about him.

Expand jokes around hobbies and likes. That way, he will be more enthusiastic

Of course if joking must connect dong. For that, try to understand what hobbies and likes. Whether it’s games, sports, or music. That way, he will be more enthusiastic and you are not awkward anymore.

Remember in every self introvert, there must be an extrovert side that can be affected. Use it to joke and comfort him when he is sad

The purpose of joking is to familiarize relationships and to entertain when he is sad. Even an introvert sometimes has a moment of falling and difficult to rise from sadness. Therefore, he needs someone else to entertain. The extrovert side appears from there. You also have to remember that introvert does not mean antisocial.

Avoid joking with gossip, gossiping, or judging others. Too risky. Be a good person and he can trust

Notice the words and intonations that you convey when joking. Avoid swearing, gossiping, and judging others. There are still many things that can be laughed at.

If he seems to want to be alone, do not disturb. He might get annoyed with you

An introvert sometimes takes time to be alone and not be disturbed by others. The goal is for contemplation and a lot of thinking. For that, cherish your own time and do not force your interactions with it.

Must be more sensitive to read the situation and conditions when want to joke with him

One use to joke is to melt the atmosphere. However, you also need to see the situation and conditions. Do not let when he is very grieved at the loss, you try to cheer him up with a joke. She might be offended and upset.

Do not just talk to you. However, be a good listener too

Finally, do two-way interaction. Maybe you will start to joke a lot more, but you also need to give him a chance to take over the conversation. Be a good and honest listener. Laugh when you feel your conversation is funny and quality.

Those were ways to joke with introverts. Although joking can familiarize the relationship, but do it politely and courteously yes!

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