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800 Iranians Consumed Wild Mushroom were Poisoning, 11 People Died

Jakarta -More than 800 people were poisoned and at least 11 people died in Iran after consuming poisonous wild mushrooms.

Victims fall in 10 provinces in western Iran. Reported from the BBC, Tuesday (22/05/2018), at least two people are known to perform liver transplant.

Kermanshah province, which borders Iraq, experienced the highest number of cases. Similar cases occurred in neighboring provinces, Lurestan and Kurdistan.

The local government has asked the public to be careful in buying mushrooms and just buying mushrooms that have been packed and sealed in stores. In Iran, mushrooms are sometimes sold on the roadside.

The Tasnim news agency, quoted by The Guardian, met a woman named Behnaz whose mother was the victim. According to him, the mother is always looking for mushrooms in the spring.

“He fryed some and ate it and poisoning.We took him to the hospital when his condition got worse he had improved and the doctor was very happy with his development,” said Behnaz.

She said some of her mother’s neighbors were also poisoned and suffered the same symptoms, but have now improved and are allowed to return home from the hospital.

Wild mushrooms are called similar to mushrooms are safe to eat. This poisonous fungus can cause severe headaches to indigestion and death.

The mushroom grows in the mountains in western Iran after spring. However, the rain that often happens to make wild mushrooms increasingly thrives in the region.

Source: BBC, The Guardian

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