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9 Killed in India, Protest by Dalit group Destoryed Public and private Properties

Jakarta -According to local news authority ANI reported protest caused major damages of public and private properties and 9 people were killed in several conditions of protest. This protest  the alleged dilution of law protecting the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

The statewise death in Madhya Pradesh (6), Uttar Pradesh (2) and Rajasthan (1). this meant that how indians dalit protest to harm their own country properties without gaining any output. As compare to last months Farmar protest in Maharashtra having much attraction of media becuase of its ideal protest without harming anybody by “Marching” to state ministry office throughout Night and fetched positive result of their Protest.

This kind of dirty politics game in India which are always try to oppose the ruling government and distract the government and break plans towards future which always bring paid Gunds in protests and fail the middle way of talking with government official which brings such images in front of world.

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