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9 Tourist Attractions in Ujung Kulon National Park that You Can Visit

Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK) has a number of activity options that can be tried by tourists from various regions. At least, there are nine tourist attractions that you can visit on the western tip of the island of Java. tourists visiting Ujung Kulon will be presented with a variety of natural charms, from exploring the island, exploring caves, to climbing hills.

nine tourist attractions that can be visited in Ujung Kulon National Park, namely:

1. Pulau Peucang

Peucang Island is the most popular among tourists when traveling to Ujung Kulon. The beauty of this island is even referred to by visitors as Dream Island. Tourists can enjoy beautiful underwater scenery by trying snorkeling and diving activities. The clusters of coral and fish under the sea of ​​Peucang Island are known to be a special attraction for tourists. In addition, tourists can also mingle with deer and long-tailed monkeys that roam this island.

You don’t need to worry about having trouble finding lodging because there are tourist facilities, such as lodging and visitor centers. After being satisfied with marine tourism, tourists can continue hiking to Karang Copong on the northern part of Peucang Island. You can see the best sunset against the backdrop of the high seas.

2. Cidaon Grassland

Satisfied from Peucang Island, tourists will cross by boat to Cidaon. A little walk of about 250 meters, you can enjoy the attractions of the bull grazing in the pasture. The bulls can be seen if the weather is clear in the morning around 06.00-07.30 WIB and in the afternoon at 16.30 WIB. However, you shouldn’t get too close to the Bull because it can cause the animal to be disturbed and endanger you. Therefore, tourists usually see the bull using binoculars from the viewing tower.

Apart from that, you can also see peacocks. In fact, sometimes partridges appear in the pasture. In the afternoon, here you can see and enjoy a charming sunset on the beach.

3. Cibunar Grazing Field

For those who like trekking activities, Cibunar is the right place. There, you can do trekking from Cidaon to Cibunar which is a coastal forest and natural lowland rain forest. Along the trekking trip, you will meet various kinds of birds and rhino food vegetation.

Because the trail is carried out from the north end to the south, you will also find different characteristics of the forest. Same as in Cidaon. Arriving at the Cibunar pasture, you will be presented with a view of the attractions of a group of bulls grazing.

4. Sanghyang Sirah Cave

If you are a history buff, Sanghyang Sirah Cave in the western part of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula can be a recommended tourist spot to visit. You can also see the culture and traditions of the local community during the months of Mawlid and Muharram in the Hijriyah year.

At that time, many pilgrims visited the cave which had something to do with Raden Kiansantang. That said, Sanghyangsirah Cave is part of the legend of Kiansantang’s life journey during the time of King Siliwangi in the Pajajaran Kingdom.

5. Handeuleum Archipelago

Island explorers can visit the Handeuleum Archipelago in TNUK. This archipelago consists of several islands, including the islands of Big Handeuleum, Middle Handeuleum, and Small Handeuleum. The three islands have diverse natural wealth, one of which is the mangrove forest which has many birds, reptiles and brackish water biota. You can also find rivers like the Cigenter River. If you come here, the most interesting activity is to go along the river with a canoe.

At the end of the Cigenter river, tourists can enjoy views of the beautiful terraced waterfall. Canoeing is indeed the most recommended activity when visiting the Handeuleum Islands. This activity can be done in the morning after spending the night on the island.

6. Panaitan Island

The location of this island is in the northwest of Peucang Island. Panaitan Island is known for having beautiful diving spots, such as Legon Lentah and Legon Kadam on the north coast. Then on the south coast, there are Legon Samadang and Karang Jajar. The island with an area of ​​17,500 hectares also has beaches and seas that are suitable for surfing activities, including in the interior of Kasuaris bay.

At that location, there is a point known as One Palm Point because the waves are big enough and are a favorite of surfers.

7. Cubiuk Hot Springs

If you want to take a bath and feel healthier, you can go to the Cubiuk hot spring. It is located about two kilometers (km) from Tamanjaya.

8. Habitat of the Javanese gibbon at Cikacang waterfall

The Javan gibbon is one of the primates that live in the TNUK, to be precise at the Cikacang waterfall. This area is surrounded by primary and secondary forest. Therefore, this place is often used as a place for research, environmental education, and scientific development.

Cikacang Waterfall is often used as a place for research, such as observing primates, observing birds, and researching various types of medicinal plants.

9. South Beach

Those who like trekking activities, you must visit the South Beach on the Ujung Kulon peninsula. The location stretches from Cegog to Cibunar. Trekking activities here will give a very lasting impression and experience because the paths have varied challenges. The trekking time is around eight hours. Therefore, the track is known to be long and long. However, along the way tourists will enjoy the enchanting natural panorama of the south coast.

At the end of the trekking trip, you can spend the night in Cegog, a village on the border of the south coast. Staying overnight in Cegog will be an unforgettable experience for tourists because of the food and cultural arts performances typical of the village.

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