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A Must Visit Place Banyumala twin waterfalls – hidden waterfall in north bali

location– village-wanagiri sukasada,buleleng regency, 57 kms from ubud, bali.

local name– twin waterfall.


how to reach– 2 hour drive from canggu.

– 1 hour 30 minutes from ubud.

transportation– 50,000 IDR scooter per day (3.37$).

– 5,00,000 IDR car on rent for 8 hours (33.74$).

entrance fee- 30,000 IDR (2.02$).

parking– 2,000 IDR (0.13$).

timing– 8 am to 6 pm to visit the waterfall.

best time to visit– dry season(april to october).

things to keep in mind– there are no washrooms, lockers or changing rooms at the base of the waterfalls, also wear a comfortable footwear.


special features

time required- to get the most out of the trip it would be best to plan a half-day trip banyumala waterfalls is about 57 kms from ubud, its approximately a 1 hour 30 minutes drive.

renting after taxi or self driving a scooter or a bike is the only way to reach the waterfall reaching this waterfall requires a lot of effort and is not for everyone. expect bumpy road ,a 20 minutes down hike by foot on the main road is a large signboard directing to the road to banyumala waterfall parking area from here its 3 kms drive down to the car park. the road to the car park is not in a very good condition and care is required by driving down bumpy road from car park you walk for around 400 meters to reach the ticket counter.about 20 minutes to reach the foot of the waterfall from ticket counter. the path down the waterfall might be a bit tough because there are lots of steep steps puddles running streams and little trickle waterfalls on the way.

however the walk is adventurous on its own and there is no need to rush the stairs can be slippery at some places,so just make sure to watch your steps to be careful.

as you approach the foot of the waterfall the path gets a bit rocky you will find benches to sit on and take in the views after you arrive all your efforts will be paid up the spectacular view of the gorgeous waterfall will surely take your heart away.

banyumala is also known as the twin waterfall however there is water falling everywhere that beautifully falls down. the natural pool where the twin waterfalls meet you to take a dip the round pool is measured to have a depth of up to two meters the water is clean and clear and is safe for swimming. even if you dont wish to swim you can still enjoy the sights of the waterfalls by sitting on one of the boulders nearby. one can easily spend hours taking in the beauty of the waterfall and its surrounding. its very peaceful calm and serene place.




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