Acer Aspire 24 Looks Beautiful with Specifications

JAKARTA – Acer introduced the latest series of desktop PC alias tabletop Aspire 24, which not only rely on specifications, but comes with an artistic design.

Not only considering the functions and specifications, the current trends make consumers consider the aesthetic side when choosing a device. Size, shape, until color becomes an important point in making choices.

This trend also penetrated the world of personal computer (PC) desktop. As a device that will be used everyday at home, consumers look for a slick product and the design can blend perfectly with other furniture. Without putting aside product quality, of course.

The stylishly designed device is excellent. The producers of the device were competing to bring beautiful devices with performance ciamik.

One of the leading manufacturers of computing devices, Acer, launched a super-thin desktop All-in-One (AIO) desktop Acer Aspire U24 to address the challenge.

Acer Aspire U24 comes with a matte black color with a gold frame on the bottom. This design makes the Aspire U24 look modern and elegant impression, suitable for display at home. Plus, the dimensions that do not eat place make this desktop one compatible for those who have limited space.

This Aspire 24 screen buffer can be customized according to user requirements from both the height, tilt, and direction of the desired screen display. There are also features BluelightShiled and Flickerless which serves to minimize the user’s eye fatigue when using PC for a long time.

This device has a 24-inch screen and a screen thickness of only 5.97 mm with a thin framelessberbezel design of 2.7 mm. This is the thinnest screen ever issued Acer.

Screen size is supported by Acer ExaColor and Color Intelligence technology and Full HD IPS quality with 178 degree viewing angle makes the user keep the color consistent when viewed from the right side, left, up, and down.

The maximum because the desktop all-in-one is equipped with a double loud speaker on the front and a subwoofer on the back. Combined with Dolby Audio Premium and Acer TrueHarmony technology, the Aspire S24 has above average sound quality without additional speaker.

The concept of the all-in-one desktop is primarily intended for multimedia users. Stylish screen specs and unusual sound device support allow users to experience a better experience, especially when watching a movie or video.

Never the less, the performance of this one desktop is also arguably quite capable. Acer pinned the 8th generation Intel® Core ™ i7 processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded up to 32 GB. Making Aspire 24 can work best in operating various programs used by users.

Performance will be faster, responsive, and saving power because it has supported Intel® Optane ™ Memory 16 GB that can bridge between large storage capacity and high speed. Very suitable for the urban who have myriad activities ranging from processing photo and video content, making graphic design, to playing games.

Aspire 24 has also been compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and supports the latest features such as Cortana and Microsoft Edge.

Another thing that stands out from this one device is the Qi Wireless Charging feature. Users only need to put a gadget that has supported charging with this feature above the area of ​​the wireless charger in the buffer section of the monitor then the battery in the phone will automatically fill with a tap.

This cordless phone battery charging feature allows users to not be bothered and rated more secure because of the potential risks of electrical interference such as short circuit. Aesthetic side also impressed more tidy because there are not many wires scattered on the table.

Acer claims for existing desktop products in Indonesia today, Aspire 24 is the only one who has embedded Qi Wireless Charging technology.

The Aspire S24 is now available on the market and can be taken home for Rp17.299.000. A pretty high ransom for a desktop PC. However, considering this product does include the premium Acer desktop line plus the specifications it offers, the price is quite comparable.

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