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Adira Insurance Offer Assurance For Bus Users

JAKARTA – PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika (Adira Insurance) collaborates with Bosbis online bus ticket booking service provider to provide protection to customers who want to travel by bus.

This collaboration project is also supported by the Ministry of Transportation of Land Transportation Organization (Organda).

Julian Noor, Chief Executive Officer of Adira Insurance, said that the collaboration project is in the form of e-ticketing from Bosbis, passengers will get personal accident insurance from Adira Insurance.

“Not only that, with this insurance, passengers are guaranteed the inconvenience during the trip due to accident, bus fire, or natural disaster such as flood, landslide, earthquake, and volcano eruption,” said Julian in a written statement, quoted on Saturday (10/3 / 2018).

Customers who want to enjoy this protection can be accessed through Bosbis website and app when booking bus tickets.

In addition ticket purchases can also be obtained directly in several pilot terminals through vending machine ticketing.

“We also provide call center services to provide customers with the best claims, and this is a strategic partnership between Bosbis and Adira Insurance,” Julian said.

As is known, Bosbis is an online ticket booking service portal that is present since 2015 to provide one stop solution for the bus industry in Indonesia. Bosbsi applications are already connected to the Bus Integration System (B.I.S) used by the automobile company (PO) to perform fleet management, pricing, seat rationing and ticket agency.

B.I.S is also connected to the website and Bosbis Android app and will soon connect to hundreds of thousands of offline and online sales channels.

Around 300 operators of auto-bus companies and shuttle and travel service providers have joined Bosbis.

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