Afghan President Wants to Make Indonesia a Model for Peace in their Country

Jakarta -Afghan President Ashraf Ghani wants to make Indonesia a model for peace in his country.

While attending the 93rd anniversary of Al-Khairiyah’s birth, in Cilegon, Banten, President Joko Widodo revealed that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani invited to Indonesia to contribute for peace-building in Afghanistan that has been in conflict for so long.

President Ghani delivered the request when meeting President Joko Widodo approximately one and a half years ago.

“He asked for our help for peace in Afghanistan, where there are 7 tribes, there are only 7 we 714 tribes, 40 years of unfinished war.” Doctor Ashraf Ghani’s request, Bismillah, I am able, “said the President, quoted from his official statement , Friday (5/11/2018).

The President opened a meeting of three-country clerics (Afghanistan-Indonesia-Pakistan) on Friday morning at the Presidential Palace of Bogor. The meeting is a follow-up to a long process involving all stakeholders related to peace efforts in Afghanistan.

“Indonesian, Pakistani and Afghan scholars gathered in a space to discuss and make big umbrellas for peace in Afghanistan to be achieved,” he said.

Through experience as a contributor to the peace, Indonesia actually learns at once reminded that unity is an expensive thing.

“This is what we want to remind that the name of unity and brotherhood is very important for a nation,” said the President.

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