After Facebook Boss, Youtube & Google Will Sit on ‘Hot Chair’?

JAKARTA -Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week made headlines for undergoing two consecutive days of trial to testify to US congressmen about a leak of 87 million Facebook users.

“I think the next two companies that should be in the hot seat are YouTube, Google division, and another one between Twitter or Reddit,” said CTO Brainlink International, Raj Goel, quoted by FOX Bussiness.

The cyber security specialist says Google is also mining data and profiles exactly as Facebook does.

“YouTube is very actively used by campaigns with disinformation, politics and fraud,” Goel said.

Goel also judges Twitter just like Facebook and Google, however, Twitter does not do enough action to combat disinformation for fear of losing its main asset, the user account.

Against Zuckerberg’s trial, Goel rated B minus his performance for two days, and D minus for honesty and transparency.

“He lied well, he repeatedly stated that users have control over the information.No, just try deleting your Facebook account,” he said.

Source : Antara

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