Air Balloon Falls 1 Dead, 12 injured in Egypt

ANBADY Egypt hot air balloon trip over West Bank of Nile at Luxor with Viking Air local company rival balloon over open country

An air balloon carrying tourists crashed in Luxor, Mesr, on Friday (5/1/2018) local time.

Reported by Reuters, the Egyptian news agency reported that the falling balloon was carrying dozens of tourists from abroad.

One person reportedly killed, while 12 others were injured.

The MENA news agency said the accident that occurred in western Luxor was due to bad weather conditions.

The death toll identified by the Egyptian health ministry is a 36-year-old woman.

Of the 12 injured, two were in critical condition. All victims were treated at Luxor International Hospital.

This airborne accident is not the first time in Egypt.

In 2013, 19 tourists from Asia and Europe died when the blimps they boarded exploded and crashed near Luxor.

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