AirAsia BIG Optimistic Increase Members to 2.5 Million

Jakarta -AirAsia BIG Indonesia is optimistic to increase the number of BIG Loyalty members to 47% to 2.5 million this year.

Country Head AirAsia BIG Indonesia Arifin Eko Prasetyo said the number of registered members throughout 2017 has reached 1.7 million people, while the Asian region reaches 17 million people. A number of programs have been set up to attract an additional 800,000 people for a year.

“We are targeting to grow to reach 2.5 million members,” said Arifin, Thursday (10/05/2018).

He added that until now the number of active members is only about 30% of the total. Meanwhile, the figure is obtained based on the number of members who actively do redeem or increase points in the last year.

It said the main strategy is to facilitate registration for AirAsia ticket buyers who access through the official website. In the menu of the site, direct users are offered to become a member.

Ticket buyers, will also be given information about the benefits of being a member of AirAsia BIG, namely cashback in the form of BIG points and auto point increase after the flight. In addition, there are discounted ticket pricing programs up to 90% every month and free seats every quarter, he added.

Arifin disclose any promotions held for members usually the airline provides an allocation of 250,000 to 500,000 seats. The average of promotional seats used by members as much as 70%.

Another amenity offered is that members who want to make a ticket purchase is not necessary to fill the data themselves because it is recorded in the system. In addition, points will automatically increase if you make frequent ticket purchases.

It explained AirAsia BIG became the airline’s second ticket sales channel after its official website, in addition to other outlets such as through travel agents in the network (online) and outside the network (offline).

Arifin said the strategy of cooperation with other parties is also done in order to increase the number of members. One of them is working with several insurance companies.

Until now, AirAsia BIG has been holding FWD Life and Ciputra Life. Special Ciputra Life, passengers who purchase the insurance products worth a minimum of Rp250.000, will automatically get 1200 points, he added.

In addition, ahead of Ramadhan and Lebaran 2018, Ciputra Life also provides free personal accident insurance worth Rp50 million to all members of AirAsia BIG Loyalty.

“In addition to the two companies, we have no other cooperation plan,” he said.

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