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All You Need To Know About Aceh Tsunami Museum

The more we know about history, the better we can prepare for the future. The Tsunami Museum, which is located in downtown Banda Aceh, was built as a historical reminder of the devastating tsunami on December 26, 2004.

This place is a monument of appreciation to those who struggled to survive during the tsunami, to respect for the victims. To enter this museum, there is fee that must be paid, and the rates are different for children and adults.

The architecture of this museum is very unique. The Visitors greeted with a splash of water from above, and the walls were filled with running water. The lightning was kept dim to keep the atmosphere as if it were when a tsunami occurred.


In the center of the room is a row of small computer screens where visitors can view photos and stories of the survivors. Then there is a small room that is dark and high, called the prayer well room. This room is intended for visitors to offer prayers for the victims of the 2004 Aceh tsunami, whose names are written on the wall.

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