Asian Agri Targets Additional 9,000 Ha Partnership Land

JAKARTA – PT. Asian Agri targets to partner with a self-help farmer who manages 40,000 ha of land by 2018. This number has increased about 9,000 ha compared to last year’s only 31,000 ha.

At the time of the partnership arrangement started by Asian Agri in 2012, the land of self-supporting farmers is only 2,000 ha. Then increase in the year after to 6,000 ha in 2013, 11,000 ha in 2014, 18,600 ha by 2015, 24,500 in 2016, and 31,000 ha by 2017.

The total area owned by Asian Agri is currently 100,000 ha, while that of plasma farmers is 60,000 ha and self-help farmers 31,000 ha. With an additional target of 9,000 ha, it means that Asian Agri partner farmers have a total land area of ​​100,000 ha equal to the company’s land.

Improved partnership pattern so that Asian Agri can keep track of the supply chain of palm oil from self-help farmers. Meanwhile, from the side of the farmers can improve the capability of farmers to improve optimal results and obtain certificates.

In addition, from an economic perspective it can also increase the productivity of oil palm. Meanwhile, in terms of environment to ward off the addition of land and improve sustainability.

Asian Agri Fadhil Hasan, Corporate Affairs Director of Asian Agri, said that the potential increase of farmers’ plantation production is very feasible if managed properly.

“Through the One to One Partnership Commitment, Asian Agri seeks to share the success it has achieved through partnership with smallholders to reach more self-help farmers in order to achieve sustainable national plantation management and the welfare of national oil palm growers,” he said on Wednesday (14/2).

According to him, the pattern of company and farmer assistance is one of the key to create a sustainable national palm oil industry.

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