Asian Games 2018: Women’s Soccer Team Start Pelatnas in Palembang

PALEMBANG -The national training camp (pelatnas) of the women’s national football team that was revealed at the 2018 Asian Games will be held in Palembang, which will be the host city of the match.

PSSI Provincial Association of South Sumatra Chairman Ucok Hidayat said the Indonesian women’s soccer team, also prepared to compete in the 2018 AFF (Asean Football Federation) and the 2018 Asian Games, is scheduled to undergo a national training camp (TC) in Palembang in early April.

“As the host of the Asian Games, especially the organizers of women’s football matches we are certainly ready to facilitate, especially since Palembang has experienced in organizing a national-scale sport event,” said Ucok in Palembang, South Sumatara on Thursday (30/3/2018).

He said earlier Palembang also became the venue for Pelatnas Sea Games in 2011 when Indonesia lowered U-23 national team.

“All needs are being prepared and progressively enhanced day by day, our main focus is the readiness of the stadium and the organizing committee,” said the Sriwijaya FC manager.

Meanwhile, coach Timrias Satia Bagdja said training in Palembang is indispensable, one of which is for field adaptation and for monitoring of players from selection conducted at National Youth Training Center, Bojongsari, Depok, West Java.

“The plan of TC in Palembang from April 1. During there we also schedule a test with both local and foreign teams,” said Satia.

According to him, during the training camp to both face the 2018 AFF Princess 2018 and the 2018 Asian Games, the women’s national team is scheduled to undergo 27 test matches. The number of trials because in Indonesia does not have a special competition daughter.

For foreign opponents, 57-year-old coach was hoping to deal with strong teams considering the competition in the two championships are facing quite heavy. Countries that are shooting are China and India. Both countries are judged appropriate to be a trial opponent.

“It’s our hope, it depends on the federation and the time for the match,” said the former assistant coach of Persija Jakarta.

In accordance with the schedule, the women’s national team will go down in 2016 AFF Women’s Cup on 1-10 May. The opponents to be faced by Zahra Musdalifah and friends are Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines. For this championship, national team targeted into the semifinals.

The 2018 Asian Games will be held in two stadiums namely Bumi Sriwijaya Stadium and Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, 16-30 August. For participants not yet determined because it depends on the invitation. While the target is very realistic that is 10 large.

“In Asean alone there are four powerful countries, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines, not to mention other Asian countries such as North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, India, Hong Kong.

About the selection of players, he explained the process went on. There are 40 players undergoing selection. During the selection his side has also applied the ideal formation for the Indonesian national team that is 4-3-3.

However, for the name is not final considering the special Asian Games 2018, entry by name set 30 April.

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