Astra Car Market Share Holds Below 50%

Jakarta -Astra’s mastery of the group that dominates the automotive market of the country is still stuck. Market share below 50% continues from November 2017 to May 2018.

Cumulatively, during the first 5 months of this year the market share of four-wheeled automotive in the country is down about 7 points compared to the same period last year, from 56% to 48.8%. Based on data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), it is in line with Toyota’s performance. Recorded three other brands under the banner of Astra posted sales growth to the dealer factory for the first 5 months of this year.

Supply to dealership PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) fell 17.5% compared to January-May 2017, or to 143,440 units. Nevertheless, the company is still the ruler of the domestic market for four-wheeled vehicles.

Meanwhile, three other Astra group car brands thrive. PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) booked 88,209 units, up 9.1% from a year ago. So is PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) which shot 44.3% to 9,931 units.

Unlike the previous year, PT Tjahja Sakti Motor (TSM) also incised positive performance. Official Distributor Peugeot in Indonesia closed its first 5 months with more than doubled growth.

But his contribution to the group is very small. This brand contributor is only 48 units or less up to 0.1%.

The overall sales volume of the factory to the car dealer in the country grew 5.8% to 494,777 units. April still recorded the highest performer between the period from January to May this year with 102,256 units.

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