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Australia Moves Embassy to Jerusalem?

Australian Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison delivers an address to a banking and wealth summit, in Sydney, Australia, April 6, 2017. AAP/Dan Himbrechts/via REUTERS

Jakarta -Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that Australia was considering moving their embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Morrison acknowledged that Australia began to consider the decision because the peace process between Israel and Palestine was never over, especially in the issue of the struggle for Jerusalem as the capital.

“We support a two-state solution, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well, not so much development, and you can’t do the same thing continuously but expect different results,” Morrison said as quoted by, Tuesday (10/16) 2018)

He also considered that the consideration was very “reasonable” and “persuasive” so that it would continue to be discussed by the government. With that in mind, Morrison wanted to dilute the notion that talks about moving the embassy to Jerusalem were taboo.

“Only an old-fashioned thinking that always considers debating issues such as questioning the capital city is taboo. I think we have to fight it,” Morrison said.

The PM from the Liberal Party said that the proposal to move the embassy was actually the brainchild of former Australian Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma. Sharma himself will fight in the parliamentary elections in Sydney, the constituency region has a majority Jewish majority in the next few days.

The statement was also considered as a way for Morrison to gain votes for his party which threatened to lose a seat in parliament.

“Scott Morrison is now very pressured to keep his job. He is ready to say anything that can get him votes, even if he has to sacrifice Australia’s national interests,” said opposition foreign policy spokesman Penny Wong.

Morrison’s political future is indeed at the edge. His popularity plummeted immediately after overthrowing the previous Australian PM who was considered more moderate, Malcolm Turnbull.

During his tenure, Turnbull always rejected President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Israel to Jerusalem. According to him, the decision did not help peace.

Now, Morrison also dismissed the notion that he considered the transfer of the embassy based on Trump’s decision.

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