Toyota Avanza Consumers Want a Total Change

Jakarta -Astrido Toyota noted that Avanza consumers want a total change in the versatile vehicles such as the total change that occurred in Toyota Rush sport utility vehicle.

Astrido Operation Manager Toyota Budi Antony revealed, multipurpose vehicle or multipurpose vehicle (MPV) Avanza need a refresher considering the current model is too long. The company has notified to PT Toyota-Astra Motor related to refresher on Avanza model.

“Of total change, like Rush, which consumers want a total change model. It’s overall changed. Almost everything like that, if Avanza out like Rush, Avanza must be number 1 again, “said Budi, Sunday (1/4/2018).

He reminded, the influence of new products on the Avanza market has happened before when other MPV models emerging. After that influence, Avanza back to number one.

Therefore, he said, the euphoria of new products against the Avanza market usually only happens in a few months.

Currently, he said, it provides several programs that can facilitate consumers in buying Avanza products while waiting for new products out.

One such program is to provide discounts up to Rp20 million and how to purchase and payment that makes it easy for consumers.

The sale of Avanza, he claimed again increased this month with programs offered by consumers.

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