Home Auto Besides Helping Your Ideal Car, H2S Also Have Many Reliable Services

Besides Helping Your Ideal Car, H2S Also Have Many Reliable Services


Jakarta -It has been around seven years a number of automotive actors who work as car marketers involved in the management of Honda Home Shopping or H2S services through hondajakarta.net site

Diah Kusuma, Founder of Honda Home Shopping revealed that the main service of H2S operation is to help consumers find and buy the car they want.

In addition, for consumers who want to buy a car on credit also will not experience problems because the credit scheme will be in accordance with the applied leasing company (leasing) who became a partner of the dealer.

“In fact, we will try to help consumers to get easier financing, it will be very helpful especially for consumers who come from outside Jabodetabek,” he explained on Saturday (14/7/2018).

Consumers who want to buy a car in Jakarta with a credit system, he said, usually experiencing a complicated process and very rarely sales would help.

Not only from the island of Java, H2S itself has experienced in its journey to help consumers who originate from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi to Papua.

It is possible because H2S service is also connected with the sales in the regions. Therefore, since the service started operating about seven years ago, H2S has been used by hundreds of consumers.

Even H2S services can also facilitate the car drive test consumers want, although this service is still only made possible by consumers from Jabodetabek.


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