BNI Cooperates with the Attorney General for Prevent Banking Crimes

Attorney Office of the Republic of Indonesia and PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Signed a memorandum of understanding related to cooperation and coordination in dealing with crime and banking crime.

Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo said it and BNI are committed to building and synergizing performance to create a better economic and investment climate.

Thus, coordination can safeguard as well as anticipate the rampant financial crime that is currently more massive mode through the banking industry.

“This is as the presence of the state to protect the public for healthy banking institutions clean and reliable. Crime through the current role is increasingly massive, this in anticipation to not repeat, “he said, Tuesday

On the same occasion, BNI President Director Achmad Baiquni said financial crimes such as money laundering through the banking industry are increasingly evolving following technological developments.

Even some cases have systemic effects such as the trigger of the global economic crisis in the late 1990s and 2008.

“Although the crisis was initially abroad but was global and started from violations of corporate governance. This needs to raise the line with law enforcement, “he said.

The scope of the Memorandum of Understanding covers the provision of assistance, consideration and legal action in the civil and administrative sectors of the state. Escort and security by the Guard and Security and Governance and Development Team (TP4).

Exchange of information fund data, Coordination and optimization of asset recovery activities at home and abroad. In addition, improving the competence of human resources, the provision and use of banking services and other forms of cooperation are agreed upon.

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