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BNI Likely to Use Artificial Intelligence in Their business process

Jakarta – Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a new item in the Indonesian banking industry. More and more banks are implementing AI in their business processes.

Leader of Data Management Division PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk. (BNI) Sigit Eri said it has started applying AI technology and machine learning in the business process of BNI. Both technologies are supported by Big Data based information processing.

He explains, to apply such cutting-edge technology needs special human resources specially known as data scientist.

Since the data management division was formed 2 years ago, BNI has begun collecting structured and unstructured data to be processed through big data. Processed products are then used for product development.

According to Eri, looking for potential customers today no longer need to use traditional methods. With big data and artificial intelligence then the possibility of success to acquire customers is also getting bigger.

“Customers who are initially inactive can be active, and can offer products that are suitable for them,” he added.

Bank BNI has a service called Love, short for Chat with your INTelligent Advisor. Love is specially designed to provide a new experience in obtaining financial services, with 3 main values, namely thoughtfulness, familiarity, and simplicity. These three main values ​​can be given by Love for the support of the latest technology, chatbot and AI.

For information, chatbot is a computer program that can communicate in conversational format. This program is designed to be able to simulate how humans will respond to each other in a conversation.

AI is planted in chatbot, so in communicating chatbot can recognize user profile and direct the conversation according to customer profiling.

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