Boeing will Supply 47 Dreamliner to American Airlines

Jakarta -Boeing aircraft manufacturer was selected as a supply of 47 units of the new type 787 Dreamliner for American Airlines.

Quoted from Reuters on Saturday (7/4/2018), the American manufacturer is beating rival, Airbus.

“This is a very difficult choice between the Boeing 787 or the Airbus A350 and the A330 neo.We appreciate the two manufacturers are showing aggressive efforts to supply the aircraft to us, in the end we chose 787 because it suits our needs,” said American Airlines President Robert Isom.

The American Airlines deal with Boeing is worth more than US $ 12 billion, following weeks after Hawaiian Airlines also chose the 787 type of Airbus A330-800neo.

“This new request is a strong support for the 787 type aircraft that helps airlines to open new routes and generate profits,” said Boeing Chief Executive Kevin McAllister.

Reuters previously reported that Boeing has the potential to win the competition in a wide-body aircraft class. With this victory, General Electric as a Boeing machine manufacturer, also enjoy the sweet results of the business.

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