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Bored with your default mobile browser? Try these 7 cool alternatives!

Do you feel bored with your browser? Or are you not satisfied with your phone’s default browser? Try this browsers.

You can get it on the Play Store or in the App Store for iOS users. Amazingly, with all the advantages, various browsers can be accessed for free. You just have to choose one of the seven alternative browser lists below or if necessary try them all to find the one that suits you best.

Mozilla Firefox

As an independent web browser, Mozilla is known as one of the best. The application display for the application version is focused on smart and fast.

In addition, Mozilla also protects you from web trackers who want to follow you anywhere on the internet. By simply entering the settings, you can manage anything to protect your privacy.


Opera mini

Opera Mini has a data saving solution for those who are browsing on the go, namely by providing a built-in data-saving tool that can suppress website and page elements. By sending you a compress version of the page you are accessing, this browser is very suitable for use when you have a slow or limited connection.



To begin with, this browser has a built-in ad-blocker that makes you no longer need to go to the settings to turn it on. Secondly, this browser is able to prevent interactive scripts by using only HTTPS connections. There is also a built-in anti-phishing protection to protect your smartphone from a scam.


Ecosia Browser

Ecosia is similar to an ordinary browser, there are advertisements in everything you are looking for. Then why should we choose this? That’s because the benefits that Ecosia makes are used to do good things, namely greening.

So far Ecosia has succeeded in planting more than 37 million trees. Just relax, even though there are advertisements but Ecosia maintains the privacy of its users by not providing details of the user’s personal information.

Kiwi Browser

This browser focuses on the speed at which it cuts unnecessary things, such as menus and settings. Besides being fast, this browser is also easy to use. Unfortunately, the protection feature is still inferior to other browsers and for iOS users, you can’t use it.


Tor Browser

Also called the browser for the paranoid. The browser prioritizes security. Therefore, every time you open a website, you will be taken first to a connected server so that companies and others cannot track you.

Fortunately, all the processes only occur behind the scenes so that you do just like accessing via a normal browser. Because the Tor Browser is considered a VPN too.

Firefox Focus

Brother from Mozilla Firefox. In this browser, it focuses on privacy protection and ad blocking. Focus doesn’t give you any trace on the web, from history or cookies.

But it’s like a double-edged sword, this makes you always type the URL address you are headed for. Therefore, if this is troublesome then it’s better to use Mozilla only.

The first choice that you download is sure to be Mozilla Firefox, remembering that the browser is one of the most common. But don’t you want to try anything else? Maybe Ecosia Browser that helped improve the environment.

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