BPTJ and Police Monitor Odd-Even in Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road

TANGERANG -Badan Pengelolaan Transportasi Jabodetabek (BPTJ) and Police to monitor and test the first day of the first odd-even system on the Tangerang-Jakarta Toll Road.

“Along with this trial, the government is overcome to the problem of mass transportation, there should be an urgent policy that must be done,” said Head of BPTJ, Bambang Prihartono when monitoring the implementation of the first day of odd-even system at the toll gate of Kuciran, Tangerang, on Monday (16/4/2018).

Implementation of this trial is also done at several different points. For example Jagorawi and Tangerang 2 toll booths.

In the process itself there are no meaningful constraints but some people are still not aware of any system testing on the toll.

“To this day allowed to pass on the Kuciran 2 expressway, is a vehicle with even plates at 06.00 WIB-09.00 WIB, while the odds are expected to cross the alternative path,” he said.

Bambang added that with this even odd system can ensure the volume of incoming vehicles is not as high as before it is enacted, so the speed of the vehicle can be maximum and effective. Because of the distribution of incoming loads in rotation.

“As it was in Jagorawi, it was odd for him, so he went early, so that the load of the entry was turning, before six o’clock he was already departing, as the speed of the vehicle reached 60 kilometers per hour,” said Bambang.

Source : Antara

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