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BRI Agro Wins Bank Indonesia Award

Jakarta -BRI Agro again made an achievement by gaining an award as the Best UMKM Supporting Bank Group Books 1 and 2 from Bank Indonesia.

Becoming a subsidiary of Bank BRI made BRI Agro grow stronger and with a focus on the agribusiness sector which became Indonesia’s excellence as an agricultural country. This is in line with the Mission of BRI Agro, which is to carry out the best banking activities in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) segment, especially the agribusiness sector to support the economic improvement of the community while maintaining environmental preservation.

SMEs have a strategic role in national economic development, in addition to playing a role in economic growth and absorption of labor also play a role in the distribution of the results of development, agriculture and home industries.

In the economic crisis that has occurred in our country since a while ago, where many large-scale businesses experienced a crisis and experienced a slowdown in growth, the SME sector proved able to withstand the crisis.

In SME Development it is necessary to get great attention from both the Government and the community to be more competitive with other economic actors. Besides the role of government in assisting SMEs, the role of financial institutions is also needed in helping capital to develop businesses and improve the quality of human resources.

BRI Agro with 18 Branch Offices, 20 Sub-Branches and 4 Cash Offices spread throughout Indonesia, is present in the midst of the community to provide easy and fast banking access especially in the development of SMEs. As of the end of September 2018, BRI Agro has provided loans to SMEs of 28.88% for small loans and 71.12% for medium loans to SME total loans. Meanwhile, lending to SMEs to BRI Agro’s total loans was 34%.

BRI Agro has special investment financing products and schemes accompanied by assistance. Some of them are guided plasma financing where the Core Company has been financed by BRI Bank and / or Bank BRI Agro in addition to cooperation with third parties in plantation finance and placement of funds, among others, with the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDP-KS).

BRI Agro has a special strategy in increasing SME Loans such as Optimizing the exploration of business potential in Trickle Down Business, developing financing with the closing finance pattern and partnership partnerships (core garden suppliers, buyers, and distributors).

In addition, a Business Gathering with existing debtors is also conducted periodically with the approach of each work unit location, improving and optimizing KUR financing distribution by diversifying existing commodity financing for well-reputed BUMN partners and large private companies.

With the programs that BRI Agro has undertaken to support the development of SMEs in Indonesia, BRI Agro will continue to support the development of SMEs in Indonesia to advance the Indonesian economy as a form of BRI Agro’s commitment as a banking financial institution in Indonesia that focuses on Agribusiness especially in the SME sector.

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