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BRI Blocked Simpedes Transaction from Abroad

BANDUNG -PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. decided to block foreign transactions for Simpedes savings customers.

Director of Digital Banking and TI BRI Indra Utoyo said this step is taken as a form of customer data security so that it can not be misused.

“It’s been blocked, I think it has been since last week,” he said in a media gathering in Bandung, Saturday (17/3/2018).

The move is taken as a preventive form for the company to avoid re-occurring cases of skimming customer data for duplication and then used in transactions abroad.

Considerations taken by BRI, among others, Simpedes dominant customers conduct transactions in the domestic sphere.

That is why the state-owned bank decided to arrange for Simpedes customer transactions from abroad to be automatically rejected by the system.

Previously 33 customers of Bank BRI branch of Kediri, East Java, reported irregularities in transaction history through their account known through short message notification.

The cause is known as a form of banking crime called skimming the crime method by duplicating customer data to conduct transactions illegally.

BRI and the authorities found the transactions were conducted from a number of countries in Europe such as Germany and Spain.

The perpetrators of these banking crimes are indicated to be included in the criminal network of international banking.

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