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Bright Performance, BNI Syariah Wins The Best Sharia Bank

Jakarta -BNI Syariah again received recognition as the best Islamic bank in the category of The Most Reliable Bank and The Most Efficient Bank in the category of Islamic Bank Asset above IDR 10 Trillion for the fifth consecutive year in the 2018 Indonesia Banking Award event at JS Luwansa, Jakarta.

The award was given by Tempo Media Group in collaboration with Indonesia Banking School which is an annual award to banking institutions in Indonesia including Conventional Banks, Islamic Banks and BPD, where this year 106 Conventional Banks and 12 Islamic Commercial Banks were participated. Present at the same time received the award of President Director of BNI Syariah, Abdullah Firman Wibowo.

Various categories are given as a form of appreciation to banking institutions that are able to display reliable performance because they have good consistency in the midst of unstable economic conditions in terms of financial, business performance, and the level of efficiency and services.

Assessment is based on the 2017 financial statements from various aspects, namely capital ratio, asset quality, company operational efficiency (BOPO), liquidity, bank income and profits.

BNI Syariah showed positive performance growth in 2017 above the average of the Islamic banking industry, where recorded net profit rose 10.6 percent year on year (yoy) from December 2016 amounting to Rp277.37 billion reaching Rp306.68 billion in December 2017 supported by financing expansion, increasing fee-based, and optimal low-cost ratios.

Recorded in December 2017 the assets of BNI Syariah reached Rp34.82 trillion or increased by 23.0 percent from December 2016 (yoy), higher than the industry growth of 19.0 percent. In terms of business, BNI Syariah has channeled financing of Rp23.60 trillion or up 15.14 percent (yoy) in line with industry growth of 15.16 percent.

In channeling financing, BNI Syariah continues to maintain the quality of financing, where in 2017 BNI Syariah was able to reduce the Non Performing Financing (NPF) ratio by 2.89 percent, below the industry average of 4.77 percent.

In addition to financing, the collection of Third Party Funds reached Rp29.38 Trillion or increased by 21.2 percent (yoy), higher than the industrial growth of 19.8 percent. The composition of the Third Party Fund was dominated by low-cost funds (Current and Savings Accounts) which reached 51.60 percent through the collaboration of institutions, universities and fintech companies.

In terms of efficiency, recorded as of December 2017 BNI Syariah’s BOPO and CIR ratio was below the average of the Islamic banking industry. The ratio of BOPO BNI Syariah was 87.62 percent lower than the industry average of 89.62 percent. In addition, the BNI CIR (Cost to Income) ratio is 55.74 percent lower than the industry average of 69.56 percent.

“This award is a spirit for BNI Syariah to maintain the trust and trust given by the community. In this case BNI Syariah as Hasanah Banking Partner is committed to providing Islamic banking solutions for all stakeholders. Starting from an early age to old age through a variety of products and services that are not only oriented to the benefits of the world, but also good for the afterlife, “said Managing Director of BNI Syariah, Abdullah Firman Wibowo during the event.

Focusing on the Halal Ecosystem is one of the steps taken to boost BNI Syariah’s performance by cooperating with stakeholders and halal industry players in terms of funding and financing of workshops, Hajj & Umrah businesses, and synergies with the parent by syndicating and supply chain financing to companies BUMN. In addition, prudence in financing distribution is also the focus of BNI Syariah to continue to maintain the quality of financing.

This achievement is also inseparable from the support of BNI Induk that supports financing synergies, technology, BNI’s 1,584 SCO (Sharia Channeling Office) and e-banking networks that are integrated and accessible throughout the world (ATM, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking ) and digital applications. With the support of BNI Induk, enlarging BNI Syariah’s opportunities for wider business expansion.

7Th Infobank Sharia Awards 2018

On a different occasion, BNI Syariah also received recognition as The Best Sharia Bank for core capital below Rp. 5 Trillion with the title “Very Good” for 5 consecutive years, which is the highest title in the annual Sharia finance rating in Infobank magazine at the 7th Infobank event. Sharia Awards 2018 at Shangri-La, Jakarta. Present at the same time received the award from the Secretariat and Communication Division Head of BNI Syariah, Rima Dwi Permatasari.

Criteria for the assessment of the 2018 7th Infobank Sharia Award based on banking performance in 2017 include quality of Assets, Third Party Funds (TPF), Financing, operational efficiency of the company (BOPO), and quality of Financing.

The award was given to the national Islamic financial institutions that won the title “Very Good” on the ratings carried out by the Infobank Research Bureau on 265 Islamic financial institutions, of which only 97 institutions were awarded the title “Very Good”.

About BNI Syariah

BNI Syariah began as a Strategic Business Unit part of BNI which began operations on April 29, 2000. On June 19, 2010 the status of BNI Syariah increased to a Sharia Commercial Bank (BUS). The composition of BNI Syariah’s share ownership is 99.94% owned by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and the rest is owned by PT BNI Life.

BNI Syariah always receives information technology support and the use of BNI Induk’s infrastructure distribution channel network including services of more than 16,000 BNI ATMs, plus thousands of ATM Bersama networks, Prima ATMs and ATMs with Maestro and Cirrus logos worldwide, 24-hour facilities BNI Call (021-1500046 ), SMS Banking, and BNI Internet Banking. Currently BNI Syariah has been supported by a fairly extensive network throughout Indonesia, namely 349 Islamic outlets spread throughout Indonesia, and supported by more than 1,584 BNI Branch Offices serving sharia account opening.

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