Ciputra Life Launches Digital Distribution at

JAKARTA -PT Asuransi Ciputra Indonesia or Ciputra Life is working on digital distribution channels to expand the distribution of insurance products by launching on Wednesday (9/5/2018).

President Director of Ciputra Life Hengky Djojosantoso delivered digital distribution channels to provide convenience to the public to buy insurance products.

“In addition, the claim filing by customers will be easier online,” he said in the launch of the program today Wednesday (9/5/2018).

He explained, the purchase of insurance products online only takes 2-3 minutes. The customer will obtain an insurance policy through electronic mail after confirmed premium payment.

In addition, customers can also make claims online.

“Customers simply send claim documents via electronic mail or whatsapp,” he added.

To boost digital distribution channels, life insurance company which was 1 year old on February 1, 2018 was cooperating with AirAsia BIG Indonesia.

The cooperation is marked by launching a free flying program to Singapore on Wednesday (9/5/2018).

This program provides an opportunity for customers who purchase insurance online with minimum premium of Rp250.000 for monthly or annual premium, automatically the customer will get AirAsia BIG Points of 1,200 AirAsia BIG points. This point can be used to fly back and forth from Jakarta to Singapore.

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