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Commonwealth Bank Accompanying Customers With Dynamic Model Portfolio

Commonwealth Bank is committed to assist customers in improving their financial welfare through digital banking Dynamic Model Portfolio.

Commonwealth’s Head of Wealth Management and Retail Digital Business Ivan Jaya said the Dynamic Model Portfolio is an investment concept that focuses not only on asset class mixing based on customer risk profile but also market risk.

“We are taking a comprehensive portfolio approach with solutions and products designed to meet our financial goals,” he said during a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday (10/1/2018).

The Dynamic Model Portfolio will collect market information, sort which is most relevant to each customer based on their risk profile and investment objectives, and then provide advice on asset portfolio placement.

“Customers can move their assets dynamically, not necessarily equal to the proportion of investments that are determined at the beginning,” continued Ivan.

Through Dynamic Model Portfolio, he added, the bank wants to serve customers with wealth management services that can help understand the dynamic market realities.

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