CPNS 2018: Registrants should Avoid these 3 Mistakes

Jakarta -In the near future, the government will announce information on the acceptance of Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) for the procurement year 2018. The official announcement on the acceptance of CPNS 2018 will be delivered by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenpanRB).

In connection with the acceptance CPNS 2018, the State Personnel Agency (BKN) released 3 main problems faced by the applicants CPNS last year. CPNS registrants are expected to find out earlier issues so that the registration process CPNS 2018 run smoothly.

The 3 issues are inventoried by the Team Helpdesk CPNS 2017 namely:

Identity ID (NIK) / Family Card (KK) not found.

Anticipating this problem, applicants must ensure that NIK and KK to be used at online registration via are registered and updated in the Civil Registry and Civil Registry database at the center.

Incorrect data entry.

Karo Humas BKN Mohammad Ridwan explained from the recapitulation of complaints received by BKN Helpdesk Team, this problem is caused because the applicant does not pay close attention to the features of the National CPNS Selection System (SSCN) portal system and the procedure of filling the column in it so as to fill in inappropriate data with what’s required.

“In addition, most applicants are in a hurry to register, before making sure the correctness of data inputted, whereas data input errors can not be repaired,” he said in an statement reporetd by Bisnis Indonesia on Tuesday (07/10/2010).

Incorrect input registration documents.

This is also a problem that many applicants experience. Tend not to observe the terms / qualifications and documents requested to be the initial occurrence of input requirements document error.

“Anticipating that, applicants must understand well the qualifications, terms and channels / registration mechanism,” he said.

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