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Crime Hacker: PPATK Asked to Browse Fund Flow Surabaya Black Hat

Jakarta -The Police Headquarters will partner with the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) to track the flow of funds into the Surabaya Black Hat (SBH) group account to explore the funding sources of the hacking group.

Head of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarters, Inspector General of Police Setyo Wasisto said Police investigation team had sent an official letter to PPATK to ask for help trace the flow of funds coming into account of three perpetrators initials NA, ATP and KPS to know the source of funds of the perpetrators in hacking hundreds of sites in a number of countries. According to him, after the results of analysis reports from PPATK, the investigation team will then trace another name that is allegedly involved in the alleged criminal act of the cyber.

“The investigation team has written the PPATK officially to monitor this account,” he said, Tuesday (3/20/2018).

He suspects the hackers work independently without any order from anyone. According to him, after hacking, the perpetrators will usually immediately blackmail the victim to ask for money, which means there is an economic motive by the hackers.

“Hackers do they usually work alone which ends it extortion to the victim,” he said.

He is optimistic that the Police investigator team can thoroughly investigate the case and arrest other names involved after there are reports of analysis results from PPATK.

“Just wait, the investigation team is still working to thoroughly investigate the case,” he said.

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