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Deadly Accident in Malang Truck Driver Arrested by Police

The heavy equipment driver who had a deadly accident in Karangploso area, Malang Regency, East Java, was arrested by the police. The driver was known as Iwan Prasetyo (28 years), a resident of Gadang, Malang City.

According to police, Iwan, briefly killed four people and wounded the eleven after the accident. However, he ran away not to escape responsibility, but to avoid the rampage of the masses. He went to the parking lot of the bus in Wendit area, Pakis, Malang regency.

“He ran away, to secured himself from the rampage of the masses,” said Deputy Chief of Malang Police, Police Commissioner Deky Hermansyah, on Saturday, August 26, 2017.

Polres Malang is steeped in cases of incidents of successive collisions between heavy equipment trucks and ten other vehicles. The police are still checking on Iwan to determine the suspect for the incident.

“Our status is still related to the act, whether he himself is responsible or something else.Once the examination and deepening is completed, we just title, determine who should be responsible for the incident,” said Deky.

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