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Democrat Politics Call Donald Trump Can Be Imposed

Jakarta – Members of the US Democratic House of Representatives stated that President Donald Trump could be impeached, if the reports of his former lawyers about the payment of silence proved to be a campaign violation.

On Friday (7/12/2018), the local prosecutor’s file regarding Russian intervention in the 2016 US Presidential Election showed the potential for Trump’s involvement. One of them is an indication that leads to the possibility of the Republican US President ordering payment of 6 transactions for 2 women as money shut up during the campaign.

As reported by Reuters, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is facing a threat of imprisonment for bribing an adult film actor and former Playboy magazine model allegedly involved in an affair with Trump. He was also charged with tax compilation and gave false testimony to the US Congress regarding the planned building of the Trump Organization in Moscow.

Jerrod Nadler, a member of the House of Representatives from the Democratic Party said on CNN, if the payment proved to be part of a campaign violation, Trump could have been impeached.

“Well, these violations will be an inseparable thing. But whether they are strong enough to be the basis of impeachment is a different matter,” Naddler said as reported by Reuters on Monday (12/10/2018).

Under US law, payments in the form of a sum of money to parties contributing to the election must be reported. The amount is also limited to US $ 2,700 per person.

The White House has not yet given a response regarding these developments. But press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Cohen had made lies many times and the latest investigation had no significant impact.

The prosecutor’s latest investigative file also shows new information about Trump’s contact with Russia in the case of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chief who was convicted of tax fraud and bank last August.

Special Adviser Robert Mueller who led the investigation into Russian intervention in the 2016 US Presidential Election said Manafort had lied to investigators about his interactions with Russian intelligence.

“I think this investigation shows that the president is in the midst of a vortex of fraud scandals against American society,” Nadler told CNN.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is currently investigating Russian intervention in the 2016 US Presidential Election and whether Trump’s campaign team colluded with Moscow to influence elections. Russia has denied the allegations, and Trump has repeatedly condemned the investigation. On various occasions, he called Mueller’s investigation politically motivated.

Meanwhile, legal observers have differing opinions on whether such violations can be the basis of the president’s impeachment. Including in terms of campaign violations that lead to Trump’s involvement.

Republican Senator Rand Paul on the NBC station ‘Meet the Press’ broadcast warned that campaign finance violations should not be too criminalized.

“Errors in the disclosure of the report should have been fined, not prison,” he said.

Source: Reuters

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