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Denuclearization will be the Main Discussion of North Korea’s Meeting

Jakarta -North Korea and South Korea will hold their first summit on April 27, South Korean officials said. The assurance comes after Kim Jong-un promised nuclear abolition, when pressure is reduced among the old enemy.

South Korean government officials announced the date of the summit after holding inter-official talks on Thursday.

The two countries earlier this month agreed to hold a summit on the border, a ceasefire village.

The talks on Thursday were the first between the two countries,

The joint statement from the talks said the two countries will hold a working meeting on April 4 to discuss details of the summit, such as staff support, security and news releases.

No details on the agenda of the summit were released. Unification Minister Cho Myong-gyon said the two sides agreed that more time would be needed to complete the details, even though they had exchanged opinions on the “full” agenda on Thursday.

Cho said the agenda of the summit would largely address the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the improvement of inter-Korean ties, but refused to elaborate further.

“We still have enough problems to be resolved at the work meeting for preparations over the next month,” Ri Son-gwon, chairman of the North’s committee for peaceful reunification of the country in a closing speech to South Korea’s delegation.

“But if both parties deeply understand the historic significance and meaning of this summit and give everything, we will be able to solve all problems quickly and peacefully,” Ri added.

North Korea and South Korea have experienced significant tension reductions since the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February. Technically, the two countries are still fighting after the 1950-1953 conflict ended with a ceasefire.

Kim is also scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump later in May to discuss denuclearization, although the time and place for the summit has not been set.

Kim meets Chinese President Xi Jinping on a surprise visit to Beijing this week, his first trip out of North Korea since he came to power in 2011.

What is more surprising is Kim’s promise to denuclearize at the Korea summit. The commitment was reported by Chinese state media, although North Korean official media did not mention it.

South Korea’s Unification Minister told reporters that Kim’s visit to China was not discussed with North Korean officials on Thursday.

Trump and Kim exchanged threats and insults in recent months. The US leader made a similarly shocking announcement earlier this month that he is ready to meet Kim to discuss the crisis over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons development that could hit the United States.

The involvement of North Korean leaders with the international community triggered the presumption that he might try to meet other leaders. The Japanese “Asahi” newspaper said that Japan questioned North Korea about bilateral meetings.

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