Digital Workplace Will Increase Productivity Up to 20%

JAKARTA -The digital workplace is predicted to increase the company’s productivity and workforce by 10% to 20% from speed, time efficiency, accuracy and process simplification.

Based on a number of surveys conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), the digital workplace contributes greatly to the increase in productivity. The impact of speed, agility, time savings, data accuracy and simpler processes is seen in improving the productivity of company performance and workforce by up to 20%.

Opportunities are also getting bigger with an estimate of more than 50% of workers in Asia Pacific, including Indonesia, which relies on a more technologically advanced army of millenial forces. Adoption of this digital work environment will be increasingly popular with the use of technology related to cellular and cloud computing.

IDC Indonesia’s Head of Consulting Department, Mevira Munindra said the cloud will be one of the foundations that support the implementation of digital workplaces.

“The digital workplace can boost productivity of both companies and labors by 10% -20%, reflected in the speed, agility, time efficiency, accuracy data, and simplification of procedures that can be optimized in the digital workplace,” he said in an official statement received By, Wednesday (9/5/2018).

The Director of Finance Telkomtelstra Ernest Hutagalung, said with the digital trend forward, changes in work culture can not be denied. Because the company faced a high level of competition that needs to adopt technology to accelerate performance.

Therefore, it released a cloud application that is Office 365 which is part of software-based services or software as a service (SaaS). Through the solution, the company has more flexible space to complete the work of all devices.

“Office 365 allows employees to work anywhere and anytime with support features to collaborate online from phone, video call, file sharing, file editing together in one document and more,” he said.

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