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DJBC: PMK 229/2017 Precisely Provides Lots of Relaxation

Jakarta -Implementation of Minister of Finance Regulation No. 229 / PMK.04 / 2017 on Procedure for Imposing Tariff of Import Duty on Imported Goods Based on International Agreement and Agreement aims to accelerate the flow of logistics and dwelling time.

Director of International Customs and Interagency Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) Ministry of Finance Robert L. Marbun explained that if scrutinized, beleid which began on January 28, 2018 is actually contains a lot of relaxation for business actors. For example, the enactment of electronic form D which provides the facility of delivering the Certificate of Origin (SKA) FORM A THREE electronically.

“As long as it’s using paper, now it can be electronic, we recognize that the electronic SKA was accepted, although back again to its international agreement,” he said when met at his office on Wednesday (5/23/2018).

Robert acknowledged that there was a polemic related to the period of SKA submission and sanction in the form of normal tariff for importers who submitted SKA late.

However, when compared with the average submission of SKAs reported in one month of 74,000 – 87,000 SKA documents, the percentage of late importers and charged normal rates is still very small. In April for example, out of 89,000 SKA documents only 139 were late or under 1%.

The provision to grant SKA time for example for importers who are on the red list is given until the next day at 12.00, green category 3 days, and low risk category or AEO is actually the flexibility of the customs authority.

“Even internationally, it should be when the goods come in at the same time SKA documents are submitted.We still give time until 12.00 pm this shows us very flexible,” he explained.

Provisions regarding the time period as well as providing certainty for business actors, such as obedient entrepreneurs who are actually greater percentage than those who do not. Moreover, when compared with the previous rule where many importers who submit SKA after a month even in a long time.

The lack of certainty of this time then makes it difficult for officials in the environment of customs authorities to determine the import duty to be paid. Therefore, with this provision, logistics flows more quickly and the assurance of tariffs.

“So if the right time to submit its SKA can be 5% tariff and which is 10% late, but that late is small, as long as May is only 0.05%,” said Robert.

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