Do not Believe Unassigned Online Media

BANDA ACEH – Professor of Ar-Raniry State Islamic University (UIN) Ar-Raniry, Banda Aceh, Prof. Dr. Yusny Saby, PhD affirmed people not to easily believe the news on online media that is not verified by the Press Council.

“We are responding to the Press Council’s efforts to curb the online media that are currently scattered and unverified,” he said at Digital Literacy as an Effort to Prevent Radicalism in People in Banda Aceh, Thursday (15/3/2018).

At the event initiated by the Coordination on the Prevention of Terrorism Forum (FKPT) Aceh and the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT), Yusny Saby stated that what the Press Council is doing by verifying the news portal needs to be supported.

He asserted, if the news came, “tabayun” lah, find the right information about the news. If it is not done then it will damage and harm the community.

“Do not be easily tempted by what is reported by the media that is not verified by the Press Council,” Yusny Saby’s message.

Previously, members of the Legal Press Council, Anthonius Jimmy Silalahi said, there are currently 4153 media that have been verified.

Digital literacy activities were attended by 105 participants from the press community of students, communities, and bloggers in Aceh.

Chairman of the Committee of Digital Literacy, Arif Ramdan said, the literacy activities in 2018 is the beginning of a series of activities FKPT Aceh.

“The target of this activity is the perpetrators of the student press, community, bloggers, and youth elements in Aceh,” he said while giving a speech on the activity.

Arif Ramdan invites all participants to become agents of change for the availability of positive content in social media.

“Digital literacy is expected to be one of the efforts to prevent the spread of radicalism and terrorism in the community by creating positive content and educate in social media,” he said.

This activity features Anthonius Press Council Member Jimmy Silalahi, Director of the Information Technology Society (MIT) of Aceh Teuku Farhan, and Randy Wisnu a Youtuber from Cameo Project.

Participants gain knowledge about Social Media map in Aceh, Official News Portal and news portal abal-abal.

Meanwhile, Chairman of FKPT Aceh Prof. Dr. Hasbi Amiruddin M, MA said, medsos now has damaged the community order. The pattern of forwarding information without filtering is often a trigger for emotions in society.

“In the future, we will face the political year to avoid the things that are not beneficial to us, if there is no benefit to appear in social media, just enough we just do not spread again,” said Prof. Hasbi.

Source : ANTARA

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