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Easter Holiday, Vehicle Volume in Toll Cikampek Predicted Up by 40%

CIKARANG -Head of Police Traffic Corps Insp. Gen. Royke Lumowa estimates the number of vehicles from Jakarta passing through Cikampek Toll today, Thursday (29/3) will rise 40% because of crowded travelers who take Easter long holiday.

“Prediction (up) to 40%,” said Kakorlantas Police Inspector General Royke Lumowa when reviewing the current flow of vehicles at Cikarang Main Toll Gate, Cikarang, West Java, Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Royke’s remarks are related to the long holiday which coincides with Easter holiday weekend this weekend. The current density of vehicles in the Cikampek Toll has started to be seen since Thursday afternoon.

Royke estimates the flow of vehicles on the toll will increase after office hours. “Rising in the hours back home office.Approximately an hour or two ahead there is an increase (flow of vehicles),” he said.

Until Thursday afternoon, said Royke, there is an increase of 21% vehicle flow in Cikarang Utama Cikampek direction. “Normally (vehicle flow) 23,000 vehicles, today so 28,000 vehicles or up 21% until 14.00 this,” he said.

Meanwhile, the flow of vehicles passing through the Cikarang Utama toll gate to Jakarta increased 5.1%.

Earlier, on Easter holiday that falls on Friday, March 30, 2018 is also expected to push the increase in traffic volume in the Tangerang-Merak toll roads up to 1.9%. The increase is based on traffic during the Easter holiday period last year.

“From 115,000 vehicles to 128,000 vehicles,” said PT Marga Mandalasakti or Astra Infra Toll Road Manager of PT Marga Mandalasakti or Astra Infra Toll Road Tangerang-Merak is the operator of Tangerang toll road -Peacock.

To anticipate the vehicle volume surge in this long Easter holiday, the toll road operator has been improving transaction services and road conditions to 24 hours security service. Improvement of services in the field of infrastructure facilities was carried out.

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