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Emirates Promo Offers Tickets to Europe

Emirates announced special pricing promotions to fly to Dubai, New York, and certain cities in Europe, from August 1 to August 15, 2017 for travel until March 31, 2018.

Country Manager of Emirates Indonesia Rashid Al Ardha said special rates were given to some of the most popular destinations among tourists from Indonesia, such as Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, London, Rome, Prague, Munich and Zagreb.

For economy class to Amsterdam from Jakarta pegged rates starting from Rp11, 5 million. Then, to Madrid for Rp11, 85 million, Paris Rp12, 5 million, London Rp13, 57 million, Rome Rp12, 45 million, and Prague Rp12, 42 million.

Then, from Jakarta to Munich reached Rp12, 44 million, Zagreb Rp16, 82 million, Dubai Rp8, 73 million and New York Rp13, 72 million. The tariff includes taxes and fuels.

With Emirates, passengers can enjoy ICE’s in-flight entertainment system containing 2,500 movie channels, TV series, songs and games. Passengers can also enjoy in-flight wifi and gourmet-style meals.

To note, Emirates has been serving flights to and from Indonesia since 1992 ago with three flights per week via Singapore and Colombo.

In March 2013, the airline has operated nonsetop flights every day Jakrta-Dubai with Boeing 777 aircraft. Meanwhile, Emirates has also operated daily Bali-Dubai flights since June 2015.

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