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This is Essential Phone Price, Launching Next Week

The latest news mentions, that the Essential Phone will debut on the market this week. Unfortunately, this unique smartphone does not show itself.

In his Twitter account, Andy Rubin confirmed that Essential Phone was launch next week.

In fact, Rubin also uploaded photos showing Essential Phone production, and said that the smart phone is currently in mass production and the company is ready to start shipping the device to retailers and operators.

Sprint will be the only operator that will offer Essential Phone, but it is said that other retailers like Best Buy will sell the unlocked version at the same time, which is priced at 699 US dollars or about Rp9.1 million.

However, the presence of Essential Phone is feared will be crushed with other flagship such as Nokia 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 which will be released at almost the same time.

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