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Evercoss Introduces Premium Mobile Phone at Affordable Prices

Local smart phone manufacturer Evercoss introduced its newest product that is Evercoss U60 which adopt full screen technology and dual camera with affordable price.

Marcomm Manager Evercoss Suryadi Willim said smart phone full-tech technology is becoming a trend throughout the year and most of the manufacturers who use the technology is a global brand that sells in Indonesia.

“There is more experience when someone uses full screen screen, both in terms of lifestyle and functionality, more sensational and more present,” he said on Wednesday (10/1/2018).

He said to address these trends, Evercoss finally released a U60 smart phone that will dibanderol about Rp1 million. According to him, although the price is affordable, the phone has adopted premium mobile phone technology such as full screen supported 5.7-inch IPS screen and 18: 9 new screen ratio.

“This is the selling point Evercoss U60, the first national brand smartphone to adopt premium features of full screen screen and a very affordable price,” he said.

The phone also adopts a fingerprint scanner that offers high level of security, as well as high comfort for its users. Users just stick the finger on the fingerprint button, then the locked screen will open immediately.

The camera function is also a concern Evercoss by adopting dual camera on U60 phone. Through dual camera technology, users can take pictures with wide angle or take pictures with a wider area.

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