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Everything About The Rainbow Village: Jodipan

Location– Central Indonesia.

Entrance fee– 3000 Idr (35 USD).

Time Required– 1 hour.

Special Features– The rainbow village is one of the colourful destinations in the world, and very beautiful villages on Java Island. The colourful houses painted in bright colour is the main attraction of the village and the houses which is painted are used to be the part of a slum.

This place is really unique right across the village there were many beautiful murals. To the right there was a beautiful yellow pedestrian bridge, connecting the two parts of the village. To the left, there is a huge bridge made for vehicles. It is named as rainbow village because of the vibrant colour houses. Apart from having a beautiful home, they make there income from, tourism as many locals opened small shops, selling snacks and drinks to tourists.

Rainbow Village warung
Local shop

At every corner, there are new murals and art installations. There is very interesting story behind this village,  a few years ago when the entire slum area in the city of Malang Indonesia was ready to be demolished and relocate all its residents. a group of university students in Malang came up with the idea to give the remarkable splash and a fresh look to the entire area and the air force troops painted the village in june 2016 and named it as Jodipan which started attracting tourists group because of its vibrant colours.















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